OXYVIEW Oxygen Flow Meter

 Ingen Technologies, Inc. introduces Oxyview®, the World's First Patient In-Line Oxygen Flow-Meter.  Oxyview® is reusable, requires no batteries, works all the time in any position with Oxygen or gas O2 systems, and easily installs anywhere below the cannula nearest the patient where oxygen flow matters the most.   Click Here for Web site. 

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 Efficiency Fixture Corporation specializes in commercial lighting fixtures for office, warehouse and post lamp, applications. Their Induction light products can reduce  maintenance, and utilize one-half the electrical requirements of metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures, while producing more visible light. 

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 Following several years of research, development and testing, the Cool Tube product is now available. Several thousand units are functioning nationwide with overwhelming positive responses from restaurateurs, installation contractors and O.E.Ms'. Cooltube offers corrosion-free technology and a ten-year warranty, which can ultimately save money and get temperatures down. Click Here for the Cool Tube Web site. 

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 The SOS Balloon is the newest, most innovative product available today to provide you the highest level of security when hiking, camping, skiing, boating or any outdoor activity. Brought to you by Willy EZ Innovations, the SOS Balloon is a compact, easy-to-use, and reliable all-terrain survival system that assists any search efforts in locating you regardless of where you are lost. Click Here for the SOS Balloon Web site.