New Product Development

M-45 Gas Mask Developed with the U.S. Government

Before agreeing with a client, if a patent or provisional patent has not been applied, the client and RC Product Development & Eng. should sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This protects the client's intellectual property while the product is in its developmental phases.

Upon disclosing the concept to RC Product Development & Eng. RC will evaluate the project and submit the cost for Phase I to the customer for acceptance approval.

RC Product Development & Eng.
RC Product Development & Eng.

Development Process Bottle Cap Unscrewing Device

There are four phases in developing a product, from sketches or drawings to being a manufactured entity. RC Product Development & Eng. has extensive experience in each phase of development and, upon request, will assist as consultants on each phase of the development.

Manual Water Sprinkling Valve Developed for Saudi Arabia

Phase I - Conceptual Design Discussion

The conceptional design discussion is the first phase of the product development process. It provides time for the company to meet with the inventor and discuss the details relating to the product. Sketches are usually utilized to entail the product's appearance, size, functionality, and quality.


2D or CAD Prints are drawn that provide a good visual presentation of what the product will look like when formally drawn. These drawings are utilized for product discussion, modifications, or conceptual changes.

Next III - 3D Prototypes or models

Once the 3D drawings are reviewed and approved, a three-dimensional product can be generated/made from the print to provide the inventor with an actual model of his/her invention. This model can be used for "Show and Tell" presentations in some products.

Phase IV - Product Manufacturing Cost

RC Product Development & Eng. offers its services in assisting the inventor with establishing the product's manufacturing cost and establishing quality specifications.

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Concept to Production

RC Product Development & Eng. has developed several new products for entrepreneurs. Most of these products are developed from sketches or patent copies provided by the customer.

RC Product Development & Eng. can take the product from the conceptual stage through prototypes and manufacturing should the client wish.

Mold & Tooling Design

RC Product Development & Eng. will assist the customer with mold design and mold fabrication approval to assure the customer's product requirements are satisfied.

Samples OXYVIEW Oxygen Flow Meter

Ingen Technologies, Inc. introduces Oxyview®, the World's First Patient in In-Line Oxygen Flow-Meter. Oxyview® is reusable, requires no batteries, works all the time in any position with Oxygen or gas O2 systems, and easily installs anywhere below the cannula nearest the patient where oxygen flow matters the most.

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