RC Product Development & Engineering

RC Product Development & Engineering


 RC Product Development & Engineering will assist you with the Product Engineering, Design, and Development of your Product. Product Designs are  initialy created using simple 2D sketches for customer product conceptional evaluation..  These 2D sketches can be converted to 3D drawings that can be visualized from any perspective. .   The 3D drawings can also be utilized to create  3D solid model prototypes for customers physical evaluation.  

RC Product Development & Engineering will assist you in taking your product from Concept to Production. This includes the 2D CAD design, prototypes, production tooling, product assembly, testing and packaging. Working directly with RC Product Development & Engineering throughout the project phase ensures the best possible product results.

Concept to Production


RC Product Development & Engineering is using the latest version of Pro-E 3D Design software to generate product designs, components and assembly drawings.

This CAD system allows the product drawing to be rotated on the computer and be visualized from any perspective.


 Stereolithography samples can be generated from the CAD files that will replicate the design drawings in size and shape. Should a number of more robust models be necessary, Urethane castings or plastic models can be produced for Show and Tell purposes. In most cases these same models may be used to test product Form Fit & Function. 

Mold & Tooling Design

 RC Product Development & Engineering has skilled professionals who will oversee the design and fabrication of tooling and fixtures to assure that the production equipment meets customer specifications.

The staff will also assist in R & D and provide assistance in manufacturer selection.